Welcome to the Squires Group

at the University of Chicago

Welcome! The Squires Group's research centers on sensing, imaging, and manipulating nanoscale processes in biophysics and other complex systems. We engineer new windows and handles for the nanoscale that allow us to directly interact with molecules and particles one at a time, so that we can measure their unique features, watch them in action, and control their movements and interactions.

Our Research Vision

By viewing molecules as individuals, a single-molecule perspective provides the rich details necessary to build a bottom-up model of complex systems. Our goal is to bridge the lab scale with the nanoscale so that we can directly observe and influence these nanoscale processes.

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Our Group

Interdisciplinary problems require collaborative, interdisciplinary teams. Our group draws researchers from across engineering, physics, chemistry, biophysics, and the biological sciences. Our diverse perspectives help us find creative solutions in our research and inspire exciting new project directions.

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